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When I first heard about placenta encapsulation it did kind of gross me out, but I did some research-to find many mothers had found great benefits to consuming their own placenta. I also read that 80% of new mothers suffer with baby blues .The placenta has all the right natural vitamins and minerals to put back into your body to prevent baby blues so I thought it was worth a try, especially knowing that I always had low iron levels and the placenta helps with preventing anemia too! 

My placenta encapsulation capsules were delivered by Chrissie (my post partum doula) on the 4th day after birthing – the day when my milk came in.

I’m now a proud mommy of a three month old baby girl and and I haven’t suffered any hormonal moodiness (just a bit of sleep deprivation) breastfeeding has been easy with great milk supply and the capsules help with my energy levels and I know it works because I will feel really tired if I’ve forgotten to take them! I would definitely recommend placenta encapsulation to all mothers!”

Rebecca Mom to a little Princess


“I had my placenta encapsulated as I wanted to ensure that both my baby and I benefited from the re-absorption of all the valuable nutrients found in the placenta. I had researched its benefits in helping with iron levels, and a host of other nutrients that provide a much needed energy boost for Moms in the early weeks, as well as helping to prevent post postpartum depression (which can be brought on by factors such as low energy levels and low iron levels amongst others). The nutrients found in placenta also aid in ensuring good milk supply and of course passing on all those important nutrients back to baby through the breast milk. During the birth of my baby I lost a lot of blood and was advised that I may need to take an iron supplement to help replenish my red blood cells. Because I took placenta tablets I did not need to take an additional iron supplement, (which can cause constipation in Moms and colic in breastfed babies). I was also able to establish breastfeeding very well and enjoyed a good milk supply right from the beginning. Although there were lots of tearful moments in the early weeks, I was very happy and was truly able to bond with my little bundle of joy. On the odd day that I hadn’t had a moment to take my tablets by midday I could feel my energy levels were lower than on days when I had taken my tablets in the morning to start my day well. I recommend placenta encapsulation to all the women in my life who are pregnant and planning for those precious but intense early weeks after birth. At the very least do the research on it from a wide number of sources before dismissing the idea as a radical “hippie thing”.”

 Tanja, Mom to a little Prince


I definitely feel more energised compared to my first delivery.

Sarah, Mom to a little Prince


I had SO much more energy and NO baby blues.  I cant say enough about how these pills helped me or the great service I received from Chrissie.

Odette, Mom to a little Prince