By Beautiful Births & Beginnings

About Me

I am a Mom, passionate about the care of  Mommies and their families during their pregnancy, labour and thereafter.  “Mother the Mother in each of us and she will Mother us all”  I feel most parents prepare for the pregnancy and labour but not for the postpartum period. I therefore trained to help Moms (and dads with this).  I also offer other related services and advice.

Every Mother (and Father) deserves a postpartum doula to help them through those first few days. And a doula to help them through their labour.

I am a certified doula (though WOMBS – Registered with Fedhealth and Momentum) and also a certified Post Partum Doula (through Child Birth International – USA)

My extensive placenta encapsulation training was initially through the Zulu Birth Project in South Africa and then I furthered it with international training through IPPAin the USA.  I also have completed a Food Standards Diploma and a Blood-borne Pathogens Training. I am a certified CIES (FCEC) which stands for Certified Independent Encapsulation Specialist.